Cravendale - Cats with Thumbs

This is the first piece of work in a brand new campaign we devised for Cravendale that gets totally carried away with all things milk related. Why? Because ‘The Milk Matters’. The TV ad brings to life a mental flight of fancy, musing on what might happen if cats were to grow opposable thumbs.
Cats with Thumbs - Integrated
From the start, we baked a whole campaign together to work online and on TV. We hinged everything around Bertrum Thumbcat (the hero cat in the tv). He was on Facebook and Twitter but took engagement to a new level. He would respond to people, not just with tweets, but with more entertaining content in the form of pictures, videos and even knitted garments. Within a month we had over 40,000 followers on Facebook and they weren't being passive. Almost every follower was commenting and interacting with Bertrum each week. And you know you've done it when publishing companies are clambering over themselves to sign a book deal with your fictional polydactyl cat leader.

We tried to fit the whole campaign into a 3 min video but it's kind of hard so we've put a bit more info below it so you can see some of details.
Here's the viral on it's own so you can have a good gander. There was not a news channel it didn't feature on. Even the Wall Street Journal wrote an article on it. Everyone still thinks it's real.

And to get bloggers on board - or more importantly their cats, Bertrum sent out custom made garments 'handmade by cats with thumbs' to the cats of influential bloggers. Ricky Gervais' cat Ollie enjoyed his knitted Karl Pilkington voodoo doll. And the hugely popular Sockington Cat (3 million twitter followers) enjoyed his new knitted tie. Bertrum's recruitment campaign was a success.

Another string to Bertrum's bow was the ability to post back videos and photos. Here, a fellow blogger was intrigued what our potential feline overlords were capable of... so he asked the age old question. And Bertrum responded...

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