Stride - We Hired the World's Best Lawyer

What do you do when you have limited budget, limited media and plummeting sales? You hire the world's best lawyer so you can say whatever the hell you want to make people buy more gum.
This was a new chapter for American gum brand Stride; a guerilla approach to marketing that makes up its own rules.
It came bundled with buckets of legally dubious ideas that, due to the letigious nature of American advertising, never quite saw the light of day. Amongst those were:
Legally renaming our client to Justine Bieber so we could claim Justine Bieber loves our Mad Intense Gum.
Running mental posters on 18-wheelers (because they don't carry the same restriction laws... and are a fraction of the price).
Writing a legal threat to Wrigleys for being so boring and making the gum industry look bad.
What finally came out online and mobile were some playful spots that we had a blast producing.
(With incredible guest writing from Jeff Low, David Kolbusz, Josh King and Caroline Riis).
One year on they wanted more of Donald and they wanted shorter content.
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